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Beamreactor web content management system (CMS) features

Beamreactor for everyone:

  • Beamreactor has been built with a modular, centralized design in mind, using state of the art web technologies and services, including PHP 5, database layer abstraction systems, AJAX, Java or C kernels to sustain the heaviest charges, and is permanently maintained.
  • Beamreactor is lightweight; the complete software and modules only eat up to 6 MB of server space, raw database included.
  • Beamreactor comes bundled with a comprehensive list of simple of use plug-ins for anyone to deploy their dynamic websites in a snap.
  • Technical savvy users will enjoy our extensive list of provided Java, PHP and Java functions and classes.
  • Whatever your business and whatever your requirements, our website development tools provides you with some real customization potential.

Embedded hardware and exotic operating systems:

  • Beamreactor features all the compatibility layers for embedded hardware systems, from HTML 4.01 based complex websites to the ultimate HTML 5 ones, with or without CSS support, with or without Java support.
  • It adapts itself to your needs, and withstands a variety of heterogeneous environments to make sure your visitors never get a bad first impression of your business.

User handling:

  • Registration system
  • Login/log out system
  • Lost password system
  • Internal messaging technology


  • Editorial, much like a blog, the editorial is immediately available for insertion wherever needed within the website, unlike a blog that generates its unique address.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), gain time with listing the most common questions there.
  • Documents manager, write your own webpages using our WYSIWYG editor, with drag and drop support, direct HTML interpretation for copy/paste, secured image uploading with optional resize.
  • Content manager, necessary for anything related to the news and or updates, the content manager is similar to the documents manager but features dynamic RSS export options.
  • Links manager, manage your links page directly within it, with semi automated website deion, optional logo, and optional publication (you can keep links private if you want. Users might store their favorite links through this interface as well).
  • Press review, a complete RSS/ATOM management environment.
  • Webmail, A fully enabled web mail with POP3 and IMAP protocols support (more to come), featuring easy redaction, answering, with bayesian filtering of the spam that gets sorted within a particular folder, secured deletion, forwarding, attachments support.


  • Crawler bots visits, detailed information towards the robots visiting your web systems.
  • Website statistics, see the amount of unique IPs, hits, with information towards IPs, most common browsers used, screen resolutions, most visited pages, all this daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.


  • IP management; from bans to allowed domains (most bans are done automatically). Here you can lift a ban, get IP and client information towards a banned IP, along with the ban date. You can lift a ban, or set another.
  • Diskmaster allows one to explore the contents of the Beamreactor harddisk folders and perform various operations.
  • System cleanup allows for flushing or secure erasing the internal cache and the useless files, usually relayed on to prevent from excessive accesses and useless loss of resources.
  • MySQL operations, used to insert, export and modify the web systems database. Only for experts.
  • Save website, click and go. This option will make a zip file featuring the full contents of your website but the galleries. It makes saving the database and web structure fairly easy.
  • Website historic, useful to keep track of all the automated system modifications, or to write down recent modifications to your website that could have an impact over the user experience or the stability of the whole.

(More features can be find here)